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Manage people, management, management, and management information. The latter three are all managed and operated by people. People are the main body of behavior. It can be said that human management is the core of enterprise management. Therefore, modern enterprises put human resource development in a very important position. Every business has its own set of people's ideas. Avant-garde is no exception. The ancient Han Yue said: "There is a world of Bole, and then there are thousands of horses." And as the leading company in China's electric melting industry, the avant-garde industry in the market economy situation, clearly stated: the so-called reaction to the market economy, advocates "everyone is talent, horse racing is not "Sima", to provide avant-garde people with the opportunity and environment of fair competition, try to avoid the subjective limitations and one-sidedness of the "Bole" process.

The general manager of the avant-garde industry, Sun Manman, believes that the main task of the company's leaders is not to discover talents, but to establish and cultivate a mechanism that can produce talents and maintain the healthy and long-lasting operation of this mechanism. This talent mechanism should give everyone the same opportunity, the corresponding platform, the superior environment, turn the static into dynamic, turn the horse into a horse, and fully tap the potential of each person; and each level of talent should be supervised. Pressure and power coexist to meet the needs of the market.

The avant-garde industry adopts the principle of competitive employment, and the vacant positions are uniformly posted on the bulletin board. Any employee can participate in the election. "Today's work does not work hard, and tomorrow to work hard to find a job" avant-garde has established a relatively complete incentive mechanism, including responsibility incentives, target incentives, honor incentives, material incentives. This is undoubtedly a psychological regulator for avant-garde employees who feel pressure everywhere.

The biggest management feature of the avant-garde is the younger, "hairy boy" strategy, dare to create opportunities for young people, and constantly inject fresh blood into the enterprise. Cultivate, temper, and build as a youth.