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R & D

Henan Qianwei Industrial Co., Ltd. mainly produces fused zirconia corundum products. In order to continuously improve the quality of products, technology innovations are often carried out, and new breakthroughs have been made in technology.Bottom oxygen blowing technology is one of them.


The vacuum casting process is a major breakthrough in the fused zirconia corundum industry and provides good support for the development of the glass industry. Although the vacuum casting process cannot solve all quality problems,

However, it has greatly improved the quality of the products, and the sand is used repeatedly, saving energy, and not discharging industrial waste, thus protecting the production environment.

Innovating, seeking truth and being pragmatic

We have invented the bubbling production process of fused refractory materials and the oxygen blowing technology at the bottom of the furnace and declared the national invention patent of the People's Republic of China: in the process of heating in the furnace, the compressed air and oxygen separated from the oil and water are opened. The inlet opening through the furnace shell and the lining on the bottom wall of the electric furnace is slowly fed into the furnace.

Application of oxygen blowing technology at the bottom of the furnace

The purity of the melt is greatly improved, and the stratification caused by the different specific gravity in the melt is uniform, the chemical composition is uniform, the zirconium segregation is effectively controlled, and the whole of the fused refractory product is improved. Corrosion resistance and erosion resistance.

Vacuum casting process

The vacuum casting type process is a physical molding method. The basic principle is: fill the sand box with the air box into the fine dry sand, slightly shake it, tighten it, then cover the surface of the mold and the sand box with plastic film. The sand box is vacuumed, and the mold is shaped by the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the sand box, and then the mold is opened and the box is closed, and the molten metal is cast while maintaining the vacuum state.

Product appearance quality

The surface is smooth and flat,
Accurate size,
Crack defects are greatly reduced,
The crack across the edge is almost eliminated,
The density increases.

Outstanding features of the process

The model used in the process is a whole model, avoiding the difference caused by the group type, ensuring the accuracy of the product size, reducing the processing amount, and thickening the surface dense layer. The product produced by the process is applied to the glass furnace. Its life expectancy is improved, and its social and economic benefits are obvious.